By now you have seen Best!:) in our email signatures, our marketing and even on shirts worn by our staff. Maybe you thought it was a grammatical error or misspelling. It’s not.


So what is Best! :)?

Best! 🙂 is the philosophy envisioned and lived by Michael Krar. It’s the wisdom that he passed

on to his family and later, unknowingly, to our entire staff at Joseph Krar & Associates.


What does it mean?

Best! 🙂 is a two-point ideology that guided Michael throughout his entire life, both personally & professionally.

First there is “Best!”. This was Mike’s message to give your best every day and make every day the best day possible. Mike thought that if you gave the very best in all that you do, your effort could never be questioned and you could look yourself in the mirror knowing that you gave it your all.

Mike also believed that you needed to make every day the best day possible. Does that mean that each day is going to be sunshine & rainbows? No. Life is hard. But you hold the key to making it better. Your actions and reactions entirely affect the day you’re going to have. Having a bad day? By making it better in the slightest way, then you’ve made it the best day possible. Find the silver lining and wrap it around yourself.

Next, there is :)…

The Smiley Face was Mike’s reminder to be happy and treat everyone with kindness. You control your happiness! You make the conscious decision to put a smile on your face or to wear a frown.

What is cool is that you can control other people’s happiness too….well, sort of. Ever wait that extra few seconds to hold the door for someone entering a store? Or decide that you are going to “pay it forward” by buying the next customer in line their coffee? By treating others with kindness, you are making them happy, if only temporarily, and filling your cup at the same time, Win-win.


At Joseph Krar & Associates, we live the Best! 🙂 philosophy. It permeates our staff and our corporate culture. It drives us to deliver excellence and also be the best possible version of ourselves.

Our promise to you, our customers, is that we will give you our Best! 🙂 each and every day, and each and every account.

Joseph Krar & Associates, Inc. is a family owned and operated Surplus and Excess Lines Wholesaler established in July of 1993 by Joseph Krar. For the past 25 years we have earned an excellent reputation for assisting retail agents with the placement of their Commercial and Personal Property/Casualty risks.

We are pleased to offer our producers with access to financially stable carriers with highly competitive rates and programs, quick quote turnaround times, online quoting, library digital applications, premium financing and a highly competitive commission structure.

We are dedicated to providing our agents with an unparalleled customer service experience. Our service commitment is unrivaled in the industry and is made possible by our highly-trained, professional, friendly and accessible staff.

Our goal is to have the opportunity to earn your business and be your wholesaler of choice!

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