Payment Option 1: Insured's or Agency Credit Card

Credit Card Authorization Required

Dear Agents: In order to process any credit card transactions on our website, the below Credit Card Authorization form must be signed by the insured and a copy of the insured’s driver’s license must be obtained. Both of these items should be logged in the policy file at your office. If the completed form and copy of the insured’s license are not on file, and a fraudulent charge is claimed, the agent will be responsible for the payment of the policy.

If you have any questions, please contact our accounting department at (860) 628-3967. Thank you.

Payment Option 2: Agency Checks Only (We cannot accept Insured's Checks)

Please note that this is a third party site you will be accessing. The ACH site that you are entering is ONLY to be used with Agency checks. No insured’s checks will be accepted.

Agents please note that any checks that are returned due to insufficient funds will result in a $30.00 fee.

Direct Bill Carrier Payment Process

When a policy is Direct Billed through a Carrier, the Insured will get a bill and they need to pay the Carrier directly or they need to pay the Agent who will then need to pay the Carrier.

If the insured is paying the Carrier directly and wants to make payment by credit card, they need to go to the Carrier’s website to make a payment. No credit card payments for Direct Billed policies are to be made to us on our site.

We cannot accept the money for these Direct Billed policies. If payment is sent to us, we will have to send the payment back to the Agent so that payment can me made to the Carrier.

Please note that payment needs to be made Gross and the Agents cannot retain their commission. We receive the commission after the payment is made and then we will pay the Agent their portion of the commission.

Common Direct Bill Carriers



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