If your agency is writing Utica First artisan policies through Joseph Krar & Associates, Inc., then you are familiar with their admitted paper, competitive premiums and great service!

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Please proceed for Homeowner Program and Landlord Program with current credentials.

For Artisan Contractors, and Business Owners Policy Programs please contact Eva Morel for new credentials.

Or, if you prefer, please send submission to .


You have now an exciting opportunity to obtain Utica First artisan quick quote indications through our website.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help your hit ratios on the following classes of business.

Please note your agency must be a registered producer with us in order to obtain access. To become a producer click on the “Become a Producer” button near the bottom of the page.

Available Products To Quote Online Through Utica First

• Cabinet makers/installers
• Carpentry (no roofing or hardwood flooring operations)
• Cleaning services (no commercial work other than offices)
• Door, window and partition installation
• Electrical work
• Floor covering installation (no commercial ceramic tile installation)
• Landscaping (no snow removal, tree work, sprinkler installation or underground operations)
• Painting (no commercial spray painting, power washing only in prepping house for painting)
• Paperhanging
• Plumbing (no sewer, septic system, commercial drain cleaning or welding operations)
• Siding installation
and more

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